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Day 9 post op – Day 1 Chemo

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Barney went into his first chemo session today he had a blood test yesterday results were good. He had a round of Doxorubincin, it looks like it will be four rounds three weeks apart. Using Doxorubicin today next time Carboplatin and then repeated. We have been warned of anaphylactic shock for today and then maybe sickness, diarrhoea and generally unwell or maybe NO side effects. We will have to see, and to be fair that is what we have been doing all time.
At 6am my husband took both dogs out on the back field and they met their buddies in the dark, Barney and Fred played with Bonnie (a black lab) and Blaze (Springer) for a while and then came home to sleep for quite sometime.
The vets are quoting statistics and are only giving Barney the possibility of a year but he is a young dog and we are really hoping that he will have more of a future than that ~ As long as he is pain free and having fun that is all you can hope for.

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2 Responses to “Day 9 post op – Day 1 Chemo”

  1.   jakesmom Says:

    Hoping that Barney didn’t have any serious side effects from his first round of chemo… How is he feeling??

    Jake’s Mom

  2.   Chris Says:

    Hello Jake’s Mom,
    Barney is feeling a little under the weather, he hasn’t been sick yet and he did eat his breakfast a bit reluctantly though. I got some anti-sickness tablets from the vet just in case for the weekend. (£30 for 4 tablets-2 days supply!). We are just keeping our fingers crossed that he will be ok……Thanks for asking. Chris.