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Would we do it all again?

January 1, 2010

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I want this last page to be a short story of Our Lovely Boy Barney, as this will be the first page that “new” people will read.
Barney, our Rottweiler was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at 16 months of age.
After a lot of soul searching we decided, mainly due to his age, that we would have his hind leg amputated and have four rounds of Chemo.
The amputation went quite well and after a lot of ups and downs it healed up really good and Barney coped extremely well on three legs. There are some lovely videos on this blog.
He had his first round of Chemo which was doxorubicin the following week after the amputation followed in three week with Carboplatin. His last a final (3rd) dose of Chemo was Doxorubicin, this we feel, was too much for Barney, he just never recovered from this.
If you are reading this and you are in the same dilemma I can only offer this advice, we would definitely go for the amputation as immediately your dog will be pain free from the cancer and just sore from the operation. The first two weeks and maybe the third are extremely exhausting, emotionally and physically. Be prepared; look after not only your lovely dog but all the surrounding humans.
Research any Chemotherapy that is offered to you, as there are many side effects, some being really severe and I feel that when we were informed we didn’t “want to hear” or wasn’t told enough. We really just hoped that Barney would be one of the survivors but it just wasn’t meant to be.
Barney passed away on Christmas Morning he didn’t even make his 2nd month Ampuversary.

This is my favourite photo of Barney

This is my favourite photo of Barney

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Our Angel Barney

December 25, 2009

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

It was with great sorrow that our lovely beautiful boy Barney was put to sleep today on Christmas Morning.

He was just so poorly, it was the last thing we could do for him.

I know he is somewhere beautiful, chasing all those leaves and running, playing and jumping just the way he used to.

Chris & Angel Barney

Has Barney turned a corner?

December 23, 2009

Yesterday morning (5am) Pat let Barney out for a wee, he was so lifeless and ill looking, my husband came back to bed and we spoke saying, that we thought Barney had had enough, it wasn’t fair on him and as we had the vets appointment at 9.30am we thought the kindest thing was to do “the thing”.
We got up at 8am, Barney was up wagging his tail, we went out for a walk he had a wee, poohed more blood, played with a stick came back had a great big drink had roast lamb for breakfast! Couldn’t believe it – do you think he could have heard us??!!
Went to the vet, Jo (the vet), I am soo pleased he is back from his holiday, listened to his heart and lungs they sounded ok, looked in his mouth quite moist, put a finger up his bum – poor Barney. He gave us some different tablets to try and settle his tum.
When we told Jo what we were thinking this morning (obviously by then we had changed our minds), he said he would have been very reluctant to do it and he said he really thinks it is only (ONLY!) the chemo. He seems to think we may have turned the corner.
Today he got up hasn’t got a lot of strength but we can build him up, he had a little walk his pooh was blood free and almost formed :). He has had at least three drinks of his own accord, eaten – liver sausage, roast lamb, luncheon meat and some stewed beef. He won’t touch chicken – and he loved chicken and rice before – strange.
We have to go back to the vet xmas eve(tommorow) for another check.
Anyway that is our news from the UK. I have managed to get a bit of Christmas shopping in, put the tree up, lights on. I don’t feel at all like Christmas and really have to pull my finger out!!

Another hard Day

December 21, 2009

Today has been a day with lots of ups and downs again. Barney has a least drunk some water on his own, with out us either feeding him crushed ice, throwing little snowballs so he will catch them in his mouth or shooting water from a water pistol in his mouth, games he loves. Except all these games are with him lying down, I feel permanently distressed.
He has had two drinks on his own, one from the water bucket in the garden and one from his bowl in the kitchen. You know things aren’t too good if you are overjoyed at seeing your dog drink water. He has had some food, a little bit of rump steak and some roast lamb, I have been through the freezer and kitchen cupboards to find something he will eat, my neighbour rummaged in her freezer and cupboards too. She gave us fish and hot dogs, this is what her dog liked when she wasn’t well. Barney did eat a little hot dog but it had to be squished not whole! His tummy is sooo upset, and this evening he is poohing blood, we have him on some tablets and paste to try and clear up his tummy. He is on more tablets for the fluid build up on his lungs and around his heart.
His breathing is a little better and I will be so glad to see our normal vet Jo in the morning. I know Jo won’t be able to do miracles but it will be good to see him for some more explaining and planning.
I am so afraid that we will need a vet over the Christmas period the call out charge is enormous and even though Barney was insured to £4000 we have already gone past this and that is with another Chemo round to go.
Barney is such a good boy and even though I know he feels rough he still wags his tail and looks up when we get up or come through the door.
I thought I would post some photos of him this time last year so he would have been about 5 months old.
barney in the snow1

The snow wasn't as thick last year

The snow wasn't as thick last year

This is Barney with his Dad, think he was about 4 weeks old!

This is Barney with his Dad, think he was about 4 weeks old!

A Little Better

December 19, 2009

At least Barney has eaten something (mainly chicken and little beef and some rice) and has done lots of wees! His breathing seems calmer and he has perked up a little. I spoke to the vet this morning (another one) can’t wait for my vet Jo to come back from his holidays on Tuesday. The vet this morning said it would be a gradually thing getting rid of this fluid around his lungs and heart. He said to up his dosage of the water tablets, and basically wait and see.
As I look out side we have quite a lot of snow, Our Barney would love to be out there playing like Fred, I does seem rather unfair.
I feel more in control today, as yesterday I was a blubbering wreck – stupid – but just couldn’t get it together.
I really hope to tell you better news tomorrow.
All paws and fingers crossed.

Not such a great day

December 18, 2009

Barney wasn’t very well last night, short of breath and panting a lot. Called the vet and they just said he has had his chemo (Doxorubicin) and see how he was in the morning.
This morning he breathing was awful so straight to the vet.
They took an x-ray while we waited and not good news. It seems the Chemo has affected his heart, the x-ray showed massive fluid build up around his heart and lungs. It also showed a suspicious white area on his lung.
What we and the vet decided was to treat him with water tablets to see if the fluid dissipates then if necessary treat his heart. The vet is hoping it will settle on its own.
As for the suspicious area, if Barney gets over this latest hiccup then we will have his chest x-rayed again to see if it has got bigger before his next lot of Chemo and then decide what to do.
I just want to say God Bless all our dogs.

7 Weeks since amputation

December 16, 2009

It seems ages ago since Barney’s operation and we have had so many ups and downs. I want to keep this blog going for me as much as any one else, as it is good to look back. Barney is due for his 3rd round of Chemo tomorrow; he has had his blood test and a general check over. The vet says that lungs and heart sounds good, and he looks a happy boy.
I think, though, the last couple of days we have over done his walks. You see our boy just doesn’t want to walk, he wants to play all the time we are out, catching sticks, leaves and generally chasing about. His back leg “sinks”, I can’t think how else to describe it, but then he recovers and gets about again.
Today we are giving him a quieter day, short walk and not so much playing. He loves to be outside and it is quite cold here and frosty but Barney doesn’t care. At the moment he is asleep on his bed as you can see!

Barney restin!

Barney restin!

Six Weeks Post Amputation

December 8, 2009

It is six weeks today since Barney’s amputation; he has had 2 lots of Chemo and seems to be over the worst of this lot of Chemo.

His appetite has come back with a vengeance, and his “Super Soaker” pooh is calming due to his tablets.

He is full of energy, obviously not as strong as he once, was but enjoying life as you can see!

He used to greet us in the mornings with chewing gently on our hands as a “good morning” ritual which he hasn’t done since before the operation. But as of this week he is greeting us like the “old” Barney and we can only hope that things will continue, although we are prepared for a few hiccups along the way, but all in all for just six weeks – BRILLIANT!

So anyone out there in the first days or weeks of amputation just look at Barney and this is what hopefully you can look forward to – don’t be impatient it just takes a little time.

Easy to say but in Barney’s case so far true……

November 28, 2009

This video is on Barney’s 1st month ampuversay!

He is really enjoying his life and even though he has just had his 2nd round of Chemo you can see he is happy.

We don’t know what is in the future holds but today Barney is enjoying life and that is all you can hope for!

To anyone that reads this who are in their early days of diagnosis or amputation it will get better ~ just take it one day at a time…..

2nd Round of Chemo

November 26, 2009

Today is Barney’s second round of Chemo this time is Carboplatin the side effect of this one are supposed to be negligible so please keep your fingers and paws crossed!

We took him in at 9am and picked him up at midday so only 3 hours which is great. The nurse at the vet said he was brilliant, such a good boy. He laid his head on his leg with the drip in as much to say “look what I have in my leg!” she says he has such an expressive face. I know I am biased but he is just sooo lovely.

He is just having his afternoon nap now.

Happy Thanks Giving to all those who are celebrating.

Chris & Barney