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Day 10 post op – Day 2 Chemo

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I am glad to say Barney looks better today, he is still off his food, although he really likes luncheon meat, of course, hand fed and he quite likes being hand fed biscuits.
He still has some fluid around the scar and it does still “flop” about when he walks.
I went out with our other dog Fred this morning and my husband and Barney came and met us at the end. This was the furthest walk he has been since being on three legs and he looked like he was really enjoying himself. He and Fred played for a bit – I tried not to look – and as Pat says it will help him build up his strength and get him back to a normal doggy life. I know he is right but it is really hard to keep my worries in check.
The weather is damp but very bright and Barney is a real outdoors dog and loves nothing more than lying about in the garden or drinking out the pond as you can see!

Just out having a walk

Just out having a walk

Like normal drinking out the pond!

Like normal drinking out the pond!

Barney enjoying the winter sun

Barney enjoying the winter sun

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4 Responses to “Day 10 post op – Day 2 Chemo”

  1.   Dane Mom Sue Says:

    So glad to hear Barney is doing well today. When Nova was recovering she liked lunchmeat too, especially what we called “Ham Balls”, which we would roll up a meatball of canned dog food and wrap it in a piece of deli ham.

    Once he’s done with the chemo, his hair will start to grow back and he’ll look like himself again. This is the hardest part right now so of course you’re going to worry! But sounds like Barney is doing great so keep it up and we will continue to send healing thoughts your way.

    Sue and Nova

  2.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Barney looks great! Keep up the good work. It warms your heart when they start doing there normal activities after surgery!

  3.   admin Says:

    What a beautiful place Barney has to run about there! Sounds like he’s doing great!

  4.   shiloanne Says:

    Wow!! Shilo the rotty is jealous of the beautiful place Barney gets to run at.. We had a floppy fluid area too.. If you read Shilo blog you will see she was a bit of a challenge to get back on food.. She has always been a finicky eater but one of her favorites it luncheon meat too..:-) Keep us posted!