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2 weeks post op ~ 5 days post Chemo

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I haven’t written for a couple of days. Our days are so up and down. One minute Barney looks green and poorly the next he is up and about. Talk about swings and roundabouts!!
I feel more in control again, I have felt totally “ga ga” recently, and the house is a mess, cooking has gone out the window but as I said I’m feeling better this last couple of days.
Barney is on some anti sickness tablets and I think they seem to be making him feel better.
His scar looks really good and his hair is beginning to grow back.
He is still having trouble with his back there is an itch or “feeling” along his spine that he whips his head round to bite or lick right at the base of his tail. I cannot see anything and when we rub down his spine a look of pure ecstasy comes over him. I have spoken to the vet and he says it might be where his hair growing back or that the nerves in his spine are tingling. He said it should settle down soon. Anyone else out there had anything like this??
We had another restless evening last night but then Barney eventually settled for the night. This morning he didn’t want his breakfast again and was hand fed (playing me??!!) but then he had a lovely play with Fred just like before he was ill, lots of verbals with biting and chewing of Fred face and visa versa , it was great to watch I only hope for more moments like these.

Liz (my daughter) and Brney resting

Liz (my daughter) and Barney resting

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2 Responses to “2 weeks post op ~ 5 days post Chemo”

  1.   shiloanne Says:

    🙂 We are familiar with the messy house, and no cooking. I think my human kids were begging for “not another fend for yourself nite”…

    I know that Shilo did a lot of licking and spastic motions to the area her amp was at. It is probably still phantom stuff going on. Shilo just made her 2 month anniversay yesterday and she still occasionally stares or licks where her leg use to be. Not nearly as often as before though.

    She had us hand feeding her since her amp date, I know they have figured it out that us humans are now attentive to every whim. 🙂 They take total advantage (grins) that ok though.. Anyway just wanted you to know that I was following your story and we are excited to hear all the great things Barney is doing..

  2.   admin Says:

    Give these pups the slightest reason to think they can play you, and they will! Thanks for the update, sounds like all is going as well as can be expected. If your doctor thinks Barney might be experiencing phantom pain, be sure to check out these tips in the Tripawds Downloads blog.