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3 Weeks Post Op and a Bit of a Fright!

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Barney has had a bit of a set back, this morning I could see his wound weeping (quite a panic!) booked him straight into the vets it is trickling out pink watery liquid. Turns out that if, there is fluid around the site bacteria can easily get a hold. The vet said it looks a little inflamed and poor Barney is running a temperature. I would have thought after 3 weeks that we wouldn’t need to worry about infection as it looks so healed and healthy, but what do I know! So, another two lots of antibiotics and some Rimadyl twice a day.
He looks a little better this afternoon let’s hope the drugs kick in real soon. His next check up is in a week’s time for the wound and blood tests for next round of Chemo.
He has just been out for his afternoon walk and he seems so much better, running, playing and jumping after leaves blowing in the wind – brilliant!
These doggies sure keep you on your toes…..

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2 Responses to “3 Weeks Post Op and a Bit of a Fright!”

  1.   peytonpawd Says:

    We wouldn’t be dogs if we didn’t keep our pawrents on their toes! We hope Barney feels better soon! It is amazing what all these drugs can do for us!

  2.   Chris Says:

    I know but I wish they wouldn’t!!