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Another Trip To The Vets

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Another vet’s visit, Barney’s wound although healed up brilliantly has opened up at two ends. It is really weeping and although Barney is on 2 lots of antibiotics it looks really yukky so off to the vet again this morning. After being reassured that the antibiotics will be doing their job and it really isn’t as bad as it look, we came home feeling happier.
The wounds are only surface deep so we are to keep on with tablets and spray with an antiseptic; our vet is very good with all three of us and does put our minds at rest.
The emotion strain looking after a dog like this is an absolutely rollercoaster as I know most of you will appreciate.
We have had a beautiful Autumn/Winter day here, a bit windy which is what Barney loves (for chasing leaves) and he has been out in the garden most of the day chewing a bone and barking to tell our neighbour that BARNEY IS STILL HERE!!
From the window I can see our neighbour chatting to Barney over the fence he is wagging tail and loving the attention.

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4 Responses to “Another Trip To The Vets”

  1.   krun15 Says:

    Roller coaster is a good description- another way to look at it is a brisk cardio workout- without having to run!!
    Good to hear Barney is chasing leaves and getting back to general dog behavior.
    Nice fall day here in California as well, brisk, but clear and bright.
    Good luck with the infection, sounds like it is under control.


  2.   Dawn Simas Says:

    Just curious, does Barney still have stitches in? I’ve had in the past, stitches in too long will be rejected by the body and an incision that was healing great will start to become infected on the surface around the stitches around 2-3 weeks. Rather than treating the infection, the best thing was to remove the stitches immediately and it got better very quickly once that foreign matter was gone.

    Just a thought. I know what it’s like to be a worry wart, I am so glad my vet’s office accomodates me pointing out every little thing. And am so relieved when they say it wasn’t that bad… 🙂

    Dawn and Raven

  3.   Chris Says:

    Hi thanks for thinking of us. His stitches were these dissolvable ones so he doesn’t have to have them out. The vet said that as he still has some fluid around the site and that this is a breeding ground for bacteria and he is just unfortunate to have got some in there. Thanks again Chris & Barney

  4.   shiloanne Says:

    Glad to hear Barney is doing well.. Rollercoaster is a perfect desciption!! Give Barney a good ear rubbing and hope that seeping stops real soon!!

    Shilo & Mom