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4 weeks today since amputation

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I can’t believe it is 4 weeks today since Barney had his leg amputated. There have been so many highs and lows. Today and yesterday have been quite high. He is coping really well on the three legs and sometimes when you see him running and playing he looks as though he still has four legs. He has been given another chance at life and he really has taken it. He looks really happy lots of tail wags and I really feel that our Barney is back.
Today went to see our vet and had Barney weighed (50kgs) also he had his blood test, ready for his Chemo on Thursday. So we will see what the next lot of Chemo is like, it is Carboplatin this time.
We are off out for our afternoons walk it is very windy and just being to get dark.

Barney can sleep any where.......

Barney can sleep any where.......

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9 Responses to “4 weeks today since amputation”

  1.   krun15 Says:

    Way to go Barney.
    Thursday here is our Thanksgiving celebration- not a great day for chemo…
    On the other hand, a great day to give thanks for how well Barney is doing!

    Karen and the pug girls

  2.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Keep it up Barney! Our pawrents just love when we feel good. It lets them know that the amputation was a good idea and well worth it. Who needs four legs right? Good luck with your chemo.

  3.   dsimas Says:

    Way to go Barney! Raven’s at 4 weeks too. Oct. 27 was your date? He also is doing well after a rough start. We aren’t doing chemo since we believe it to be chondrosarcoma, which is slower. Sometimes I think I should have to be safe! Keep up the great attitude Barney Boy!
    I love the pic, Raven does the same thing, has to rest his head on something. May be a rottie thing? 🙂
    Dawn and Raven

  4.   Chris Says:

    Yes exactly the same date what a coincidence Oct 27th will be etched in all our minds. Lots of love to Raven. Chris & Barney

  5.   gratefull Says:

    Yea! Barney:) such a beautiful dog! My dog buddy had his amputation this morning and is still at the vets, they say i can pick him up tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t take him too long to get adjusted . Happy Thanksgiving, this year gives it a whole new meaning doesn’t it?

  6.   Chris Says:

    Good luck for tomorrow, brace your self for a bumpy road ahead, but lets hope it goes real smooth. Make sure you look after yourselves too. Love yo Buddy from Chris & Barney

  7.   jakesmom Says:

    Happy 4 week Ampuversary Barney!!! Love the sleeping picture!! Good luck with the chemo on Thursday… and Happy Thanksgiving! You have alot to be grateful for, eh?

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  8.   cairasue Says:

    Awesome pillow!

  9.   jerry Says:

    Awww Barney, you do us Tripawds proud! Keep it up my friend, you have lots of people and Tripawds cheering you on.