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Hello world!

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This is my favourite photo of Barney

This is my favourite photo of Barney

Hello. Our Barney is 15months old the most handsome boy you could ever meet, a kind, soft, gentle Rottweiler.

About 3 weeks ago he was enjoying his favourite game of chasing a stick when he slipped and fell down a ditch he pulled himself up and shook looked fine, we carried on with his walk. After a while he started to limp and we thought it was his cruciate ligament – bit of a pain, but not too terrible – booked him into the vets which confirmed this and we sorted out a date for the TPLO repair and took him in. Then came the news we really did not expect, a mass on his Tibia, the vet asked for permission for the bone biopsy, of course that was given. Then the dreaded wait – bad news.

He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, after speaking with the orthopaedic surgeon we decided to go with palliative care, after a couple of days of no sleep and only comfort food (this was me, my husband and Barney) we decided that we should give Barney the chance at a life on three legs if this was possible.

This was all arranged yesterday and providing there were no secondaries on his lungs then we decided 3 legs is better than no life.

At Midday today I spoke to the vets and Rita who has been absolutely wonderful ran downstairs to see how he was getting on. He has three legs, wrapped up all warm and snoring his head off. I have to ring again at 4pm to get an update – he may well be home tomorrow.

We have had tons of support from family and friends and if any dog can have a life on three legs from all the prayers, good luck and wishes then it will be Barney.

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12 Responses to “Hello world!”

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  2.   admin Says:

    Thanks for joining the Tripawds community! Barney is a beautiful big boy, and so young for osteosarcoma, we appreciate you sharing his story and look forward to following his progress.

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  3.   jakesmom Says:

    What a beautiful boy your Barney is!!! I’m so sorry that you are having to go through this osteosarcoma diagnosis and amputation. But, you are not alone!!! We are all going through the same thing as you!!! It is not a club that I ever wished to join… but everyone here has been so loving and supportive, and informative… that I am so grateful to have found them!! 🙂

    I look forward to seeing more posts on Barney’s progress, and more pictures too!!!

    Sending you and Barney lots of good thoughts and hugs!!!

    Jake’s Mom

  4.   Sonia Says:

    Your rottie is soooo cute!!! My rottie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last month and had his hind leg amputated on Sept 10th. His cancer already metastasized to his lungs. We decided to put him on carboplatin chemotherapy. He is on his 2nd round as of last week. He is also on inhaled interleukin-2 nebulizer treatment for 45 days for the lung tumors. His supplements are k-9 immunity , transfer factor, coenzyme q 10, citrus pectin, fish oil, cimitiadine, parsley, multivitamin, dermaxx and chondrotin and glucosamine. My Bull is looking and feeling great he’s still going to the dog run, eating all his meals and enjoying himself. What else can we ask for?
    I really hope you rottie does well and if you need anything I am hear to help you along! Keeping you in my thoughts. sonia

  5.   Opie Says:

    I just got the news that my 8 year old golden retriever, my constant companion has Osteosarcoma in his left front leg. I had his amputation scheduled for today, but yesterday, I couldn’t reconcile myself to it. His blood work is good and his lungs show no spots, though I realize that it is probably there in micro. I am not ready to let him go. I am rescheduling his amputation and I hope and pray we make it the average of another year. Some of the stories I have read are very hopeful and others end far too soon.

    I hope Barney breaks all the rules and busts through all the ceilings. I haven’t yet set up a page, but maybe it will help.

  6.   Chris Says:

    Thank you so much for your message, it actually does help writing things down. I didn’t realise I was going to get this kind of support – this is fabulous. Many thank for your best wishes and will be updating soon. Still learning how to blog at the moment another good thing to keep my mind occupied!! Chris.

  7.   Chris Says:

    Hello. I too was in two minds as whether amputation was the right thing. I have just phoned my vets to get the morning update and Barney has already been up and walking and for a wee! How happy do I feel! Going to collect him this afternoon at 3pm I hope to update my blog then, never blogged before so still learning. The thing is, what is going to happen to your lovely retriever if he doesn’t get operated on. Be strong and look after both of you. Chris.

  8.   bergie28 Says:

    I just got word yesterday that my dog, a mix rottie/german shepherd has osteosarcoma. I am so confused as to which form of treatment to do. Is it wrong of me to question amputation? I never pictured my dog being 3 legged ans not being able to enjoy what she lives life for, and that is her ball. Also, the thought of amputation runs chills through me. Has anyone pursred the more natural form of chemo?

  9.   Chris Says:

    Hello. Sorry its taken me a while to answer I dont quite know what Im doing with this blog thing. I like you really wasn’t sure of amputation, was we just considering this because we didnt want to loose him? Our Barney was really in such a bad way, in such a sort space of time that it was either putting him to sleep or the amputation – my husband made me re-think – and I am just so pleased he did. Barney I know would not be with us today. It is day 4 after the op and he is like his old self, leading us by the hand to go out, greeting us in the morning, banging his tail on the side of the boiler. I actually cant believe it. His back leg isn’t strong enough yet and he has a little walk a wee and a pooh then has a rest. But really that’s what dogs do anyway! I know his back leg will get stronger and we have ordered a Ruffwear Harness so with support from us I know he will have a happy life.

  10.   Christina Says:

    So glad Barney is doing fantastic! Our tripawds are truly remarkable. He is a gorgeous rottweiler and he will look very handsome in his new harness. Keep up the great healing Barney! Looking forward to hearing more about your recovery.

    Christina and Solo

  11.   Christina Says:

    Hi Bergie28,

    I am leaving this comment here on Barney’s site because I couldn’t find a blog for you. I too did not think I could amputate my dogs leg. I thought it would be cruel to put her through such agony. I even thought that she might hate me for doing it to her. It is a very difficult decision and it seems surreal when you are faced with it. When the lump began to form my Solo’s leg we were sure it was due to an injury and a resulting bony overgrowth. We followed up with our vet several times and we were heartbroken to find out it was cancer. We too decided to give her a chance as she was far too healthy (other than her bad leg) to consider putting her down. The only option for us was amputation- we could not bear the thought of losing her. Now three weeks post surgery we don’t doubt for a minute that we did the right thing. She is happy and healthy. She loves us as much as always… and yes she can run and play ball already!
    Wishing you the best you will make the decision that is right for you and your furkid.
    Christina and Solo

  12.   Chris Says:

    Hi Christina we had quite an uncomfortable night last night – Barney has a lot of swelling. I phoned the vets and they said all that can be done is being done and to take him on Monday for a check up. He seems quite uncomfortable (to be expected I know) but obviously we are really concerned. How was Solo in the early days I have read your story, we are now on day 4 but as I say the swelling is quite a lot – I’m quite deaf but my husband can hear it “sloshing” about, did Solo have this. Barney is quite clingy too and we are giving loads of cuddle but he also needs his quite time. This is all so very hard and I can’t wait till is is like your Solo. Chris.