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November 28, 2009

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!This video is on Barney’s 1st month ampuversay! He is really enjoying his life and even though he has just had his 2nd round of Chemo you can see he is happy. We don’t know what is in the future holds but today Barney is enjoying life and that is […]

2nd Round of Chemo

November 26, 2009

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Today is Barney’s second round of Chemo this time is Carboplatin the side effect of this one are supposed to be negligible so please keep your fingers and paws crossed! We took him in at 9am and picked him up at midday so only 3 hours […]

4 weeks today since amputation

November 24, 2009

I can’t believe it is 4 weeks today since Barney had his leg amputated. There have been so many highs and lows. Today and yesterday have been quite high. He is coping really well on the three legs and sometimes when you see him running and playing he looks as though he still has four […]

Yet another vets visit for weeping wound

November 21, 2009

We had another rough day yesterday and that is why I haven’t posted for a couple of days. Barney’s leg was, as my husband said more than once, “Running like a tap!” The fluid which is serum* was pouring out of 2 gaping wounds both approx 2cm long (see photo). The description of the running […]

Barney on Video 3 weeks after op

November 19, 2009

This is my first attempt in uploading a video and using the video on my phone. The image isn’t that clear, if anyone can tell me what to do I would appreciate the help. 1st attempt not too bad! So introducing Barney playing his favourite game of Chasing The Leaves!!

Another Trip To The Vets

November 19, 2009

Another vet’s visit, Barney’s wound although healed up brilliantly has opened up at two ends. It is really weeping and although Barney is on 2 lots of antibiotics it looks really yukky so off to the vet again this morning. After being reassured that the antibiotics will be doing their job and it really isn’t […]

3 Weeks Post Op and a Bit of a Fright!

November 17, 2009

Barney has had a bit of a set back, this morning I could see his wound weeping (quite a panic!) booked him straight into the vets it is trickling out pink watery liquid. Turns out that if, there is fluid around the site bacteria can easily get a hold. The vet said it looks a […]

A good day in the UK!

November 16, 2009

Today has been a pretty good day. The weather started off rainy and windy and miserable, but then the sun came out and Barney was in the garden most of the afternoon chewing a bone. I didn’t get a picture of this but when we walk out to the orchard I took some photos there. […]

2 weeks post op ~ 5 days post Chemo

November 11, 2009

I haven’t written for a couple of days. Our days are so up and down. One minute Barney looks green and poorly the next he is up and about. Talk about swings and roundabouts!! I feel more in control again, I have felt totally “ga ga” recently, and the house is a mess, cooking has […]

Day 10 post op – Day 2 Chemo

November 7, 2009

I am glad to say Barney looks better today, he is still off his food, although he really likes luncheon meat, of course, hand fed and he quite likes being hand fed biscuits. He still has some fluid around the scar and it does still “flop” about when he walks. I went out with our […]