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4 th Day

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I didn’t update Barney’s story yesterday as we had quite an unsettled day. Barney is eating and drinking, weeing and poohing, which is all great. He is extremely uncomfortable though. He wants to lie on the leg that’s gone and is finding relaxing difficult. I think he may have over done things yesterday and has quite a lot of swelling. We called the on call vets last night. She said everything is being done that can be done. If he is still swollen they will look to see if they can drain some off on Monday but they want to “wait and see”. I feel that I am worrying too much and I don’t wait to pass the anxiety onto Barney. My husband is much better at the recovery process than I am.
Maybe I will feel better when we have the harness and then I will feel a little more in control to help him and seeing the vet will also help but that isn’t for 2 more days!

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6 Responses to “4 th Day”

  1.   jakesmom Says:

    Is Barney on pain meds? What kind? They can also cause him to act weird, uncomfortable. Hopefully, everthing will be OK by the time he goes back to the vet on Monday!

    Sending good thoughts your way!!

    Jake’s Mom

  2.   Chris Says:

    Thanks for getting back to me so soon. He is on RIMADYL, this is what he has had before when he had trouble with his elbows, but they didn’t seem to have any effect on him. He was on Tramadol before the amputation and yes they did make him strange. I think I am over reacting a little, but the fluid is quite a lot that probably is making him uncomfortable – hopefully you will be right and by Monday all will be well. It is such a big thing for all of us to go through and Barney is sooo good. Thanks Jake’s Mom.

  3.   romeo2 Says:

    Dear Chris: Barney is adorable. Sorry we missed your initial post. He looks like a big puppy. How old is he?

    Our big guy Romeo is almost at the three month mark. He is running around, jumping—acting like his old self. But yes, the first week or two is harrowing. I understand the worrying.

    Pillows really helped Romeo the first few weeks. They helped position him (resting and in the car). They seemed to relieve the pressure and helped him sleep in different positions.

    If you are really worried about the fluid (sloshing sounds does sound worrisome)—-you could just absolutely INSIST they see him. Is there an emergency vet service available? I’m all for the squeaky wheel approach…….

    It does seem like a good sign Barney is up and going to the bathroom. Things are very slow in the beginning. Romeo did sleep for almost two weeks…..

    Take care. Sending Barney lots of love! Eve and Romeo

  4.   Chris Says:

    Hello Eve and Romeo, thank you for your message yes – harrowing – just about describes it! We did only see the vet yesterday morning and it was in the evening I phoned the emergency vet. I know I could easily insist on seeing the vet but she did reassure me on the phone. I am going to try and get myself under control, I have just watched my husband take him out for a little walk in the garden he has done the necessary and is coming back in now. His tail is wagging and he is having a rest and a cuddle. Barney is 15 months old – I like the adage “squeaky wheel” . Ill definitely try some pillows, thanks for your help. Hope to speak again. Chris and Barney.

  5.   Christina Says:

    Hang in there the first week is the worst. Yes, strangely enough, they do want to lay on the “bad side”. Maybe the pressure relieves some of the pain. The meds also make them kind of weird and they are definitely more normal once all of the pain killers are gone. As far as the swelling goes, hard to know…. is it red? is it draining anything from the incision? If yes – you definitely need to be a “squeeky wheel” and see your vet. If not, and it is just swollen, you could try some frozen peas (or corn) in a ziplock bag for 10 minutes to bring some of the swelling down. works great- not too cold (regular ice is too cold) but effective at reducing the swelling.

    Solo would relax but then jolt up suddenly and look at her amputated limb – a bit worry some indeed but that too stopped at week two. Tail wagging, peeing and pooping are all good things. So try to focus on that!
    Christina and Solo

  6.   Chris Says:

    Hello Christina, We have seen Barney sit bolt upright and go for his tail end real quick. We have been massaging his spine area which he seems to love, goes all gooey eyed. Will try the cold packs. Thanks again Chris.