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Six Weeks Post Amputation

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It is six weeks today since Barney’s amputation; he has had 2 lots of Chemo and seems to be over the worst of this lot of Chemo.

His appetite has come back with a vengeance, and his “Super Soaker” pooh is calming due to his tablets.

He is full of energy, obviously not as strong as he once, was but enjoying life as you can see!

He used to greet us in the mornings with chewing gently on our hands as a “good morning” ritual which he hasn’t done since before the operation. But as of this week he is greeting us like the “old” Barney and we can only hope that things will continue, although we are prepared for a few hiccups along the way, but all in all for just six weeks – BRILLIANT!

So anyone out there in the first days or weeks of amputation just look at Barney and this is what hopefully you can look forward to – don’t be impatient it just takes a little time.

Easy to say but in Barney’s case so far true……

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5 Responses to “Six Weeks Post Amputation”

  1.   jakesmom Says:

    That’s a great video of Barny and his buddy… Barney is doing great for just 6 weeks post op! I hope he continues to do well for a long long time!!! Give that big handsome boy a hug from me!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  2.   Peyton's Path Says:

    We love the video of Barney! He looks like he feels great and he is so happy!! Hopefully the “old” Barney will keep shining through!

  3.   admin Says:

    Just look at Barney indeed! What a happy boy. Sharing progress like this is exactly why we created the Tripawds Blogs. Thank you!

  4.   tootsweets Says:

    Great to see that Barney is doing so well! I agree with what you said… the first weeks can be difficult, but they amaze us with how well they adapt! It has been over two months since Toto had his amputation and he is not missing his leg one bit!

    Kristin and Toto

  5.   zoe's mom Says:

    Barney’s video is a huge inspawration to me, with zoe being just 4 days post amputation. Thank you for sharing this! It’s posts like this that are allowing us to look to the future and stay positive in this moment. Amazing, beautiful dog you have there 🙂