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7 Weeks since amputation

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It seems ages ago since Barney’s operation and we have had so many ups and downs. I want to keep this blog going for me as much as any one else, as it is good to look back. Barney is due for his 3rd round of Chemo tomorrow; he has had his blood test and a general check over. The vet says that lungs and heart sounds good, and he looks a happy boy.
I think, though, the last couple of days we have over done his walks. You see our boy just doesn’t want to walk, he wants to play all the time we are out, catching sticks, leaves and generally chasing about. His back leg “sinks”, I can’t think how else to describe it, but then he recovers and gets about again.
Today we are giving him a quieter day, short walk and not so much playing. He loves to be outside and it is quite cold here and frosty but Barney doesn’t care. At the moment he is asleep on his bed as you can see!

Barney restin!

Barney restin!

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9 Responses to “7 Weeks since amputation”

  1.   jakesmom Says:

    Good to hear that things are going well with Barney!! Love the picture of him sleeping… makes me want to rub his belly!!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  2.   wuerkerb Says:

    thanks for the great blog. Yampa has one more day with the extra leg. I will try to not walk him too much.

  3.   maggie Says:

    Hey Barney! That’ how my little sister, Haley sleeps! Too funny 🙂
    I have those same times of my hindend sinking…My Mom thinks it’s when I’ve been walked too long….so we cut back on our walking time too…

  4.   krun15 Says:

    That is an awsome picture. Maggie slept like that as a puppy but doesn’t do it now.

    Pay attention to that’sink’. My Mag is also a rear amp. She is one of those pugs who has always been a bit lazy, or would get bored on walks and act really tired, like she couldn’t go on- that was pre-amp. So I always have to keep an eye on the sink or wobble she gets to let me know she is really tired and needs to rest, and not just bored or lazy. It took Mag a few months to really gain her strengh and balance, it was a slow steady increase. Also for her she would sit down all the time, instead of standing when she got tired or weak.

    Hang in there- 7 weeks is still pretty early, he will continue to gain strength and endurance.

    Karen and the pug girls

  5.   Chris Says:

    I think we have to be more careful not to over do Barney. Although he is sooo happy to be out and about we get a little carried away!

  6.   Chris Says:

    Good luck to Yampa – lovely name. Will look to see how he gets on, really well I hope.

  7.   admin Says:

    Barney looks like quite a happy boy indeed! Wyatt is now nearly 5 months out and his rear will still tend to sink once in a while. Codie Rae’s peeps told us it took her about six months to completely regain her strength. You should see her run now!

    The vet we saw at CSU had some good advice regarding rehab. If the exercise routine seems like it was too much one day, take two steps back. For instance, if you were (theoretically) up to walking one mile with Barney then he shows signs of weakening, go back to walking 1/4 mile again and start slowly increasing the distance again. Whether you measure in mileage, or minutes, hopefully you get the picture.

  8.   dsimas Says:

    LOve these upside down Rotties!! Adorable. Rest up Barney, you’ll get your strength back. They are such big puppies (all through life), it’s hard to explain to them to slow down. 🙂

    Dawn and Raven

  9.   rubyaz Says:

    I wonder if laying upside down is a rottweiler thing, before Tasha’s surgery she couldn’t lay upside down any longer and it broke my heart when she would try and couldn’t do it, it was just to painful. What a happy day it was for all off us they day she was able to roll over again and lay upside down. Hope your strength builds quickly.