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A Little Better

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At least Barney has eaten something (mainly chicken and little beef and some rice) and has done lots of wees! His breathing seems calmer and he has perked up a little. I spoke to the vet this morning (another one) can’t wait for my vet Jo to come back from his holidays on Tuesday. The vet this morning said it would be a gradually thing getting rid of this fluid around his lungs and heart. He said to up his dosage of the water tablets, and basically wait and see.
As I look out side we have quite a lot of snow, Our Barney would love to be out there playing like Fred, I does seem rather unfair.
I feel more in control today, as yesterday I was a blubbering wreck – stupid – but just couldn’t get it together.
I really hope to tell you better news tomorrow.
All paws and fingers crossed.

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6 Responses to “A Little Better”

  1.   jakesmom Says:

    I’m so sorry that Barney has not been feeling well lately… 🙁 I hope that it’s just a little setback and that the fluid in his heart and lungs quickly goes away with the help of the diuretic pills.

    If the vet believed that it was caused by the chemo, are they thinking of changing to another chemo for the next try? Have they ever talked about metronomic therapy, which is a low dose chemo, combined with antiangiogenic drugs (cox-2 inhibitors)… It is much less toxic to the system, but still very effective.

    You and Barney are in my thoughts and prayers…

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  2.   Mitch's two legger Says:

    Poor Barney. I don’t know anything about these things but just to let you know I am thinking of him.

  3.   Chris Says:

    I don’t know of metronomic therapy but will have a look and speak to my vet. He has been on holiday for three weeks so I will be really pleased to see him on Tuesday. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  4.   dsimas Says:

    Oh, poor Barney! Hopefully the diruetic will solve this and they will tweak his chemo and you will carry on and this will be a distant memory! Prayers for you and Barney. Don’t worry, you are allowed a meltdown once in a while, we all are. It’s emotional and we are bearing the burden to keep our dogs clueless. 😉


  5.   Chris Says:

    I really appreciate everyone support – thanks Dawn. Chris

  6.   Hannah Says:

    Oh poor Barney, sending more hugs and vibes as well as little prayer for his fast recovery.