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Has Barney turned a corner?

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Yesterday morning (5am) Pat let Barney out for a wee, he was so lifeless and ill looking, my husband came back to bed and we spoke saying, that we thought Barney had had enough, it wasn’t fair on him and as we had the vets appointment at 9.30am we thought the kindest thing was to do “the thing”.
We got up at 8am, Barney was up wagging his tail, we went out for a walk he had a wee, poohed more blood, played with a stick came back had a great big drink had roast lamb for breakfast! Couldn’t believe it – do you think he could have heard us??!!
Went to the vet, Jo (the vet), I am soo pleased he is back from his holiday, listened to his heart and lungs they sounded ok, looked in his mouth quite moist, put a finger up his bum – poor Barney. He gave us some different tablets to try and settle his tum.
When we told Jo what we were thinking this morning (obviously by then we had changed our minds), he said he would have been very reluctant to do it and he said he really thinks it is only (ONLY!) the chemo. He seems to think we may have turned the corner.
Today he got up hasn’t got a lot of strength but we can build him up, he had a little walk his pooh was blood free and almost formed :). He has had at least three drinks of his own accord, eaten – liver sausage, roast lamb, luncheon meat and some stewed beef. He won’t touch chicken – and he loved chicken and rice before – strange.
We have to go back to the vet xmas eve(tommorow) for another check.
Anyway that is our news from the UK. I have managed to get a bit of Christmas shopping in, put the tree up, lights on. I don’t feel at all like Christmas and really have to pull my finger out!!

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9 Responses to “Has Barney turned a corner?”

  1.   romeo2 Says:

    We’re so glad Barney is having a better day! We’re cheering for you big guy!
    So glad you’re regular vet is on duty—it can make such a difference.

    Forgive me if I’m overstepping here, but have you considered discontinuing the chemo
    if it’s the chemo that’s making Barney so ill and unhappy? We decided against chemo for Romeo for a number of reasons. It has been almost five months since the diagnosis and he is doing great. I agonized over the decision and posted my dilemma—and there are actually quite a few dogs on this site that have been doing well without chemo. Of course there are no guaruntees either way, but no-chemo for us has definitely been the right decision.

    Regardless, please know you have our support and good wishes. Big kiss for Barney!
    Eve and Romeo

  2.   Chris Says:

    Please don’t think you are overstepping, I think it is brilliant that everybody cares enough to comment on our blog. This chemo was awful and if he had to have Duxorubicin again then it would definitely be a NO. The next and finally round of chemo is Carboplatin which should not be anything like this last lot, but to be honest, we are thinking that maybe we won’t even do it.
    I am so pleased that Romeo is doing well and as you said there are no guarantees all we can all say is that we have all tried our best for our lovely boys and girls!
    Thank you again. Chris & Barney

  3.   mitch Says:

    I’m so glad Barney is picking up. Wonderful news. I am keeping my fingers crossed things continue to improve for him.

    Know what you mean about glad your vet is back. Although all the vets at our practice seem good I always feel much happier when we see one particular one.

    Give Barney lots of fuss from me.


  4.   dsimas Says:


    I have made the “decision” twice now when Raven was really looking like he’d given up and he rallied. Rotties are fighters! Another thing that really helped him feel better is a litre bag of fluids subq, and we added B Vitamins and dexamethazone to the bag. I don’t know anything about the chemo and dex is a steroid, so that may not be an option at all, but the B Vitamins are always a pick me up. I’ve given fluids with b vitamins (they turn the fluids yellow and smell strongly, that’s all I can tell you) to many cats in their end stages and it never fails to temporarily boost them up enought to get their appetite going and then they start eating and everything starts working again. The Dex is a short acting steroid (3-5 days) and it does the same thing for Raven, just makes him feel a whole lot better and that’s really all I’m shooting for right now. Maybe ask your vet about fluids with Bvitamins to get Barney out from behind the 8-ball?

    I will be watching for more good news from you!!

    🙂 Dawn and Raven

  5.   krun15 Says:

    I am really glad to hear that Barney is feeling better-
    All of the decisions we make are hard- but since we make them with only the best intentions and that they are in the best interest of our pets- well then we can’t be wrong.

    I hope he continues to feel better and better.

    Can’t wait to see the next post on the state of his BM- as many others have said-the things we take pride in now!!!

    Happy Holidays!!
    Karen and the pug girls

  6.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Barney must have heard you! He is not ready to leave this world! Keep fighting Barney! We are sending you good thoughts and prayers! We hope you have a Merry Christmas and spoil Barney like crazy!!

  7.   Opie Says:

    Have a terrific Christmas! and we will see you next year.

  8.   maggie Says:

    Keep fighting Barney!!!! We’re rooting for you. My Mom also decided to not do chemo with me. I got really sick/fever/off food for two weeks after surgery and no one could figure out why. They couldn’t really figure out what type of soft tissue sarcoma I have so based on that and the fact I got so sick after surgery, chemo was not recommended by my vet. My Mom has me on herbals from Australia, K9 Immunity and homeopathics daily right now – working with Dr. Charlie Loops in NC. Have you heard/ or read Dr. Dressler’s book “Cancer Survivor Guide”? I recommend it….

    Have a great Christmas Barney!!!

  9.   mitch Says:

    Happy Christmas Barney and glad you’re feeling better.