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Day 6 – A Real Good Day

November 2, 2009

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Today had been a real good day. Barney has settled, the swelling has dramatically reduced the bruising is getting better and me and my husband, Pat, are really rather chilled!

Barney is coping really well on three legs and seems much more comfortable now there is only a little swelling. Barney is not doing that much, he goes out to the back field does his bits and then comes back again. He has been sleeping rather a lot but when I look at our other dog Fred he is sleeping just as much. It isn’t until you have a sick dog that you notice every little thing, how they eat, how much they sleep, how they breathe, are they panting etc etc.

Fred, our other rottie is 4 years old, has been really good with Barney, he is treating Barney with a little more gentleness than normal. These two dogs get on really well, both very different characters, both absolutely lovely in their own way.

Barney’s Ruffwear Harness arrived today, I have tried it on him and although I think this will be a great asset to have, he cannot wear it just yet, as it is quite close to his stitches.

I want to say thank you for all your kind wishes, messages and support – this has helped us enormously. I only hope Barney’s Blog will do the same for another family.

Day 6 in the morning

Day 6 in the morning

Life is GoodLife is Good
Our Fred

Our Fred

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Day 5 post op

November 1, 2009

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Last evening was a little fraught again – it always seems the evenings are the worst but then that is the same with us humans if we are not well in some way! Barney was very restless again just could not get comfortable. He has taken his coverings off, his stitches are all still intact and look good, at least as good as it can look. He seems happy enough during the day, he is eating and drinking loads and just being our waggy tail Barney, so I think things are going on OK. Unfortunately as the day gets longer the fluid seems to build up and obviously is very uncomfortable for him, which make us more anxious, but come the morning things seems to have settled again and the swelling from the fluid is less severe.

Barney normally sleeps in the kitchen where he has his own bed and to give him much needed quiet time which also helps us to be able to get on with things, so we have started to use the collar/hood, this gives him the right “hump” which stops him licking at his stitches, but he lays down and rests, which we think can only be a good thing.

I have included a couple of pictures of his “site” the bruising doesn’t appear to be as red this morning as it was yesterday. We think because of the extra resting times.

I am hoping his ruff wear harness comes tomorrow as promised.

Day 5 post op in the morning

Day 5 post op in the morning

Day 5 post op in the morning.

Day 5 post op in the morning.

4 th Day

October 31, 2009

I didn’t update Barney’s story yesterday as we had quite an unsettled day. Barney is eating and drinking, weeing and poohing, which is all great. He is extremely uncomfortable though. He wants to lie on the leg that’s gone and is finding relaxing difficult. I think he may have over done things yesterday and has quite a lot of swelling. We called the on call vets last night. She said everything is being done that can be done. If he is still swollen they will look to see if they can drain some off on Monday but they want to “wait and see”. I feel that I am worrying too much and I don’t wait to pass the anxiety onto Barney. My husband is much better at the recovery process than I am.
Maybe I will feel better when we have the harness and then I will feel a little more in control to help him and seeing the vet will also help but that isn’t for 2 more days!

Next day after amputation

October 28, 2009

Barney 2nd day after op just got home from vet 3pm  28th Oct 2009

Barney 2nd day after op just got home from vet 3pm 28th Oct 2009

We collected Barney this afternoon at 3pm. When I rang this morning for a status report he had already been for a little walk and a wee! – How pleased were we!

Well he is now home resting in the kitchen on his soft double duvet bed. He looks a little sorry for himself but is lying on his amputated leg, can’t believe this. When my husband got him out the car he “hopped” to the front garden had another wee and hopped/staggered through the house to the kitchen.  I was really impressed – he hasn’t eaten anything yet but we have some chicken and bits to tempt him later.

I have booked his 1st chemo for a week today when he will have his wound checked too.

Will let you know how he gets on.

Hello world!

October 27, 2009

This is my favourite photo of Barney

This is my favourite photo of Barney

Hello. Our Barney is 15months old the most handsome boy you could ever meet, a kind, soft, gentle Rottweiler.

About 3 weeks ago he was enjoying his favourite game of chasing a stick when he slipped and fell down a ditch he pulled himself up and shook looked fine, we carried on with his walk. After a while he started to limp and we thought it was his cruciate ligament – bit of a pain, but not too terrible – booked him into the vets which confirmed this and we sorted out a date for the TPLO repair and took him in. Then came the news we really did not expect, a mass on his Tibia, the vet asked for permission for the bone biopsy, of course that was given. Then the dreaded wait – bad news.

He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, after speaking with the orthopaedic surgeon we decided to go with palliative care, after a couple of days of no sleep and only comfort food (this was me, my husband and Barney) we decided that we should give Barney the chance at a life on three legs if this was possible.

This was all arranged yesterday and providing there were no secondaries on his lungs then we decided 3 legs is better than no life.

At Midday today I spoke to the vets and Rita who has been absolutely wonderful ran downstairs to see how he was getting on. He has three legs, wrapped up all warm and snoring his head off. I have to ring again at 4pm to get an update – he may well be home tomorrow.

We have had tons of support from family and friends and if any dog can have a life on three legs from all the prayers, good luck and wishes then it will be Barney.